Sunday, October 31, 2010

spontaneous sunday - #1.


plus i posted some funnier clips on my facebook page. the end.

xox from anna.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

welcome inside my house!

you walk up the stairs of my apartment and you're in my living room.
(i think it has high ceilings, but maybe i'm just short...)
^ i need to get something to put my tv on...but besides that i love it.
^ the green armchair (that i'm not sure i'll keep) and my $25 couch with cover and ohio state blanket ( : plus a coat closet. the wood molding is the top of the wall. i can see the stairs when i look over it.
^ my living room is right next to my kitchen.
love my mirror art? (i didn't want to buy a hammer so i
put the nails in with the top of my round brush. creative, no?)
the hallway to the right leads to my bedroom and bathroom.
^ i love my kitchen.
^ sooo pretty! granite countertops, black stove
and refrigerator and nice wood cabinetry.
^ this is what you see when you look in the door to my bathroom.
did i mention my bath has hot tub jets??
^ yep. pretty bathroom-y.
^ and then next to my shower is my washer and dryer.
(and a few of my bras...oops)
^ and THIS is my bedroom!!
no decorations (yet) but at least i have a bed ( :
and i turn my ceiling fan on every night.
(how did i live without one for so long?)
^ and my walk-in closet which has tons of room for all my clothes.
who wants to come visit?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

reason #260: why i needed a queen-sized bed.

clean laundry on one side.
space to sleep on the other.

...enough said.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

my house -- a preview.

this is the sign outside my neighborhood.
^ see?? it says STRAWBERRY FIELDS!!
"serene, secluded and secure.
living the good life." is all of those things.
^ if you drive up to the fork in the road and turn right, i think my apartment is one of those boxes...but i'm not sure which one. some of them are still being built so it's hard to know for sure.
^ this is the gym that i get to go to for free. two treadmills, an elliptical, weight machines and a tanning bed (not pictured). i usually see more people tanning than exercising while i'm working out...
^ this is the outside of my apartment. it's the right door of the two that are identical to each other: #3. the balcony that is shown is mine too!
^ i open the door and go up the stairs to my apartment...
and you'll have to check back to see how cool it is inside ( :

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

things my sisters (and emily) will like.

1. i started on my 2nd loaf of awesome bread that my sisters sent!
^ it's been in the freezer for a while but i toasted some of it
today and it was still delicious. thanks again!!

2. i sprung for some cleaning supplies.
^ guess what was on sale, mrs. d?!

3. i went to the mall and found two of surrah's favorite things:
^ plus yummy auntie anne's pretzels!
don't worry. i didn't have any without you.
^ 4. plus i think it's funny that they call it soda here.
it's pop. it really is.

5. as i type this, i have chicken breasts baking in the oven (like i used to make with my bff, emily). i went to turn them over and they were still kind of icky when i stabbed the fork in (they're only half done, after all) and guess what was the first thing that came to mind?

"...she was gross."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

other random things:

- i got my picture taken at work (on my day off)
because they want to put it on the website. eek.

- i went to open a bank account yesterday (somewhat unsuccessfully, since i forgot to bring cash to put in it). the bank lady introduced herself to me and i told her my name was anna. and she says, "oh...anna carrera! i've seen you on tv." eek!

- i may or may not be getting a couch today. i paid for it yesterday and it's supposed to be delivered today, but i forgot to get a receipt so i'm hoping it gets here at some point. eek again.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I KNOW! want to see my house.
but it's not done yet!!!
but guess what i got this weekend?
^ it looks so much more impressive when it's out of the boxes.

anyways, rachael (who needs to update her blog more) tipped me off to this ridiculous sale at shopko. i ended up getting an 11-piece set of pyrex stuff (plus a bonus silicone spoon) and a 10-piece cooking set (with three pots and two pans -- all non-stick -- plus a spatula and another spoon) for THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS TOTAL (after I send in the $10 rebate). needless to say, it was an awesome weekend.

and then i worked today. and now i have two more days off!

...and then i get to work a lot of days in a row...

but no worries. my house is almost done getting put together and then i'll put up some pictures for real.

in other news, the buckeyes are #1 this week (!!!)
and i officially have the same number of posts here as i do
in my personal (private, top-secret) blog. the end.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

glasses -- part 2.

remember how i love justin timberlake with glasses?
i decided i also love little kids with glasses.
i think i will make my kids wear glasses (even if they don't
need them) just because they are so dang adorable.
...guess i should start looking for a boy
with sub-par eyesight to be my future husband...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my life is embarrassing.

i do a lot of embarrassing things. the main difference now is that i'm on live TV or in a car with my station's logo plastered across the side.

monday was kind of a crazy day...i put together a story about the pumpkin harvest before driving an hour away to do a story about a water shortage and i knew i would have to drive the hour back and then a little more to cover an honor flight, where WWII vets got to fly to D.C. to look at the memorial for free. needless to say, my brain was kind of all over the place that night.

i got in my car on the way out of abbotsford to start driving to the airport. it was nighttime so i flipped my lights on really quickly and somehow managed to turn on my hazard lights at the same time.

let me preface this by saying that we have about 6 different cars that i might be using on any given day, and although i'm familiar with all of them, they are each a little different and unique.

so i am driving towards the highway, trying to figure out how to turn off those flashing lights. i was in a small town, so i'm sure it looked a little suspicious. when i got close to the freeway, i pulled over into a parking lot. i didn't want to drive all the way back with my hazard lights on, and i was sure i could figure out how to turn them off if i just had a minute that i wasn't driving.

needless to say, this was not the case. i pulled over...stopped my car...turned on the lights...and still couldn't figure it out. some guy drove up to see if i needed help and i told him i was fine -- i just didn't know how to turn those darn lights off. he tried to help me but after both of us searching to no avail for a few minutes, i just started my trek to the airport with my hazard lights on.


anyways. about halfway to the airport, i realize that the button for the blinkers was on the column between the driver and passenger seats. why didn't i notice that earlier? i have no idea. i turned them off, but i still felt pretty dumb.

in other news, my house smells like cinnamon and it's awesome.

Monday, October 4, 2010

my bespectacled love.

if you know me, you know that the man who's held the key to my heart for more than a decade is none other than mr. justin randall timberlake. if you've seen him on tv promoting his latest movie ("the social network"), you've seen his adorable glasses.i've always thought it interesting that most boys i know would rather wear contacts instead of glasses. sure, it might be more comfortable and convenient to do that, but let's be honest...
glasses are adorable. they look awesome on justin and now i've decided that every boy should wear some.
how can you not love a face like that with glasses like those?

i submit that you cannot.

p.s. check out this rap he did on jimmy fallon (with glasses, of course). thanks to drew who sent me the link!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

little by little...

first of all -- thanks to rachael for her awesome gift card that i bought cooking utensils with!!! now i can start to cook things again!
i'm starting to get into the swing of things here...little by little. this week was supposed to be my first week working evenings and that sort of worked. monday i worked at 9:30 AM. tuesday -- 2 PM. wednesday -- 1 PM. thursday -- 11 AM and friday -- 9:30 AM. i think it'll be easier to work nights when people stop calling off work to be sick (therefore making me need to cover for them) but so far i don't mind having my schedule be a little crazy. i'm getting a lot faster with all of the technical stuff (shooting, writing, editing, posting things online, clipping video and such) so that's helping my situation too.

i'm making friends (even with some people from our rival station down the street) and finding fun things to do with them when i get time off and have enough energy to not totally just fall asleep. i've noticed myself going to bed earlier lately and it makes me feel so old! but then yesterday i was working on a story at an elementary school in abbotsford and one of the girls there asked if i went to the high school (which is attached to the elementary school) and i told her that i don't. one of her teachers asked me the same question so i guess i will just always look like i'm 16 years old...even when carrying a monster camera and tripod and stuff all by myself. which reminds me -- i need to start lifting weights or something because everything we have to carry is SUPER-HEAVY!!

as for my settling in at home situation, i've been browsing couches on craigslist but i don't have any cash and probably won't until i open a bank account somewhere in the city (hopefully next week) so that's kind of on pause for now. i've been looking at bookcases and bedding (the two things that i definitely want to get next) but have yet to decide on things that i absolutely can't live without. since i don't want to buy something that i am just okay with, i'm holding out but i'll be going shopping this afternoon so we'll see if i can find anything cool.

OH! and thanks to ruth and sarah for sending me yummy bread and pictures of dustbuster that i got today. i seriously almost died when the doorbell rang (since only a few people know where i live and most of them work during the day) but it was just their package so that was awesome. guess i know how i'll be spending my evening -- catching up on celebrity magazines and eating bread ( : and to mom for sending me those tights (i just got them in the mail yesterday).

p.s. if anyone wants to come visit me (which if you are reading this, you should), you should fly into CWA (the central wisconsin airport). it is the closest to my house and usually has connections to / from minneapolis, denver, detroit and chicago.