Thursday, July 2, 2009

between here and there.

i'd have to say i'm somewhere in the middle.

i'm being encouraged, but more than that, i'm being pushed. and i'm glad i am, because otherwise, i might not be working so hard at it. i hate jackets. and my voice doesn't naturally come through my diaphragm when i want it to. i talk fast. i don't even really like having my hair down. and i never seem to know the right things to say. and i am.

obviously, i'm clinging to everything i've ever known and been able to hold on to for so long...but i can tell i'm changing. at least a little bit.

what's different this summer?

i love wearing high heels; i even kind of prefer to. i wear skirts all the time, even when i don't have to. i wear my hair down. i'm exhausted by 1 AM, because i wake up at six or seven every morning. special k red berries has become my favorite food ever. mac cosmetics (omg...awesome). i quit my job to work at a place that doesn't pay me (i've had at least one or two or three jobs since i was like 16) and that works me almost 50 hours a week. and yet...i actually have time to see my family every once in a while and get at least four decent runs in every week. i talk to strangers. i go places i've never been before. i do stories. and i changed my name.

time to be a grown up, anna carerra.


Mrs. D said...

anna carrera!! anna carrerra!! Ilove chanting that... just wait till you get out here carrera girl :)

Natalie Marie said...

I like the name, no one will mispronouce that for sure :) There's actually a reporter out her named Alex Cabrero, not all too similar but that's what I thought of when said your name out loud- can't wait to see you in the fall!