Sunday, July 12, 2009

cleaning out my closet.

i've been doing some rearranging this week. i'm trying to consolidate so that i can move all my crap out when i leave at the end of the summer, but it's fixing to be a bigger challenge that i originally planned.

first...there's clothes. omg there's so much clothes. i've already weeded through things i know i can live without and now it's down to the billions of things that i'm not sure i can do without and i sort of want to hang on to...old concert tees, race shirts, things that maybe i haven't worn in a long time but that i can't quite bear to part with. because you NEVER KNOW. you never know. you might need something and then be pissed to remember you've thrown it away.

plus i can't find my new black skirt...where did i put it?!

then there's all my stuff. and by stuff, i mean memories. two of those giant tupperware container things, full of old journals, books, awards, notebooks stuffed with scribbles and notes and love letters and ramblings, pictures, keepsakes, name it, i'm emotionally attached to it. i'm determined to get it down to one box before the end of the summer, but that might mean going through every single piece of paper and photograph -- i can't bear the thought of throwing something away without taking one last look and being positive that i can live without it.

this is going to take a while...good thing i've got like a month.5 left...

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