Monday, July 6, 2009

lost car.

in some of the strangest turn of events in a long time, i lost lex today.

i went to the gym after work to go for a run, like i usually do, and when i came out to drive home, he was not there. i was very confused. maybe i overdid it by running a little harder than usual and taking an adventurous trek on the stairstepper on top of that, but i didn't think i was out-of-it enough to misplace my dear car. but somehow...i did.

my head was spinning with stupid ideas. did i leave my doors unlocked? does someone know where my spare key is? did my brakes give out and let lex roll away? why would someone want my car? is someone playing some weird joke on me? nothing made sense.

i walked around the parking lot a few times, trying to remember the path i walked to get inside just a few short hours earlier. i retraced my steps...stopped to the four boys in the red suv were staring at me like i was a crazy person. and probably i am.

finally, i found him. apparently he was hiding behind this monstrosity of a white pick up must have been like a ford 650 or something gargantuan like that. anyways...there he was. i unlocked my door like nothing unusual happened and drove away as if my frantic escapade of pacing around the parking lot was just another part of my workout routine.

and that was my today.

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