Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so "utah."

i was born in pittsburgh.

i lived most of my life in ohio.

but i've spent a grand total of 34 months in utah over the past four years, and i'll admit...there are parts of me that are so "utah."

and by "parts of me," i mean maybe just one part (since i've been trying to think of more ways and i just can't find any more). so basically (drumroll, please...) i still think it's weird when people walk around naked in gym locker rooms. and that's it.

there. i said it. no one wants to see that. now put some clothes on.


Courtney said...

Hahahaha. I loved this post. I don't like it when old people just hang out in there naked. It's uncomfortable!

Mrs. D said...

i HATE when people do that ... but at least at 24 hour they try to hide themselves while they change. admit it. you just love modest utah.

Anonymous said...

tho i'm biased because i'm naked while i post this message....

i think nakedness should be embraced.



anna. said...

hah...i don't disagree...i just am not a fan of the people who do it at my gym. it's awkward!