Wednesday, July 29, 2009

slick roads.

i've been ranting and raving a lot lately, but there's some things i just need to say and this has become my place to do it. today's topic: cars.

#1. just because it is raining does not mean you have to stop driving. use windshield wipers, turn on your lights, do what you gotta do...just don't stop. especially when you are on the highway and i am behind you.

#2. if you are seriously terrified of driving in the rain because you (a.) have never seen it before in your life or (b.) you are just a total crazy person, then slow down. that's cool too. just don't do it in the fast lane when i'm right behind you (again).

#3. when it's not raining and you are driving really fast and then you suddenly see a cop car and slow down to like 40 MPH (on the highway)...just don't even bother. first of all, he's probably already zapped your speed, so...too late. secondly, who are you kidding? no one actually drives 25 under on the highway, and the cop isn't going to honestly believe you do either. and thirdly, you need to watch better for cops because you have slow reflexes. okay, thanks.

#4. passing on the right is illegal btw.

#5. i'm a nice driver. i really am. just don't do stupid things to make me hate you. that's all i'm saying.

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