Sunday, July 19, 2009


i couldn't fall asleep the other night. this is highly unusual for me, since usually i am so busy running around like a crazy person all day that i just pass out the second my head hits the pillow. but for one night this summer...that was not the case. i laid in bed, sleepless, for a while, maybe for minutes at a time, i'm not really sure. (that sure was a lot of commas for one sentence though) but as i was staring at my ceiling, i saw the stars. and i remembered.

wayyy back in the day when i lived in this room, i put glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling, mostly because they are awesome. over time, some of them have fallen off or maybe were taken down, but that night i realized some of them were still there. it gave me super-flash-backs of jumping up and down on the bed with my sisters, trying to get high enough to reach the ceiling so we could put the stickers up, trying to balance a chair on the bed (to no avail) and a bunch of other crazy kid things we did.

being a kid was good times. and now i'm practically a grown-up (sort of). but i still really like the star stickers on my ceiling.


Mrs. D said...

umm isnt that MY ceiling? I do recall that you are in MY old room... rarrr.

PS I miss you already.

anna. said... room now!
(only for another month.5 and then its up for grabs again, though)

p.s. miss you back.