Monday, August 17, 2009


he's been visiting my room pretty late the past few nights.

we say family prayer around ten or so and usually not long after that, i hear a knock at my door and my eleven-year-old brother is standing outside. he always has an excuse -- his bed is too hot, he can't find his other pjs, he's tired but he can't fall asleep -- there's always something. so i let him in and he curls up on the other side of my queen-sized bed (that i am going to miss so much when i go back to school...) and watches me as i type and read and write in my notebook.

not long after he lies down, he is out cold.

it is pretty cute. also kind of funny, because then as i try to carry him back to his room and accidentally bump his legs against door frames (he has certainly grown a lot since he was a baby) he doesn't even stir.

i know he's tired. i don't really believe that he "can't sleep." but i don't mind. i'll be gone in a few weeks and i won't get to hang out with him during the wee hours of the night as he falls asleep to the tapping lullaby of my laptop keys. and i think he knows it too.

i'm going to miss him : (

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Mrs. D said...

awwwww i miss daniel..... :(