Sunday, August 23, 2009

last week / made in china

i am so dreading these next few days.

i hate countdowns. i hate leaving something, even though i know i'm going somewhere that i will be happy and still doing things that i love to do. i hate saying goodbye and i hate knowing that i won't be there and that it just won't be the same again.

this summer has been epic.

in other news, i made a wonderful cobb salad tonight, plus these yummy chicken-filled croissants (it's good...i swear) and i am excited to try my sugar-free blueberry muffin recipe this week. i love cooking so much. also next on my list...cinnamon rolls, from scratch (duh). my new resolution is to make things from scratch whenever i can. it just makes everything taste better.

also, my new computer is en route. i took the dive, made the switch, whatever you want to call it...i'm going to be a mac. i've been a pc for my entire life so this is kind of a big deal. i made the purchase on my laptop and ever since i pushed the "buy now" button, he (yes, my computer is a boy. his name is killer) has been angry and slower than ever. it's like he KNOWS he's being replaced, and in his defense...he is. i still love killer, and it's not like i'm throwing him away or anything. i'm giving him to my mom so she can have a computer that isn't full of daniel's crazy video games when my macbook pro gets here.

and the big news is that MACS COME FROM CHINA. if you didn't know, that's where they make them. probably because that's where all the four-year-old-factory-workers are hiding and they are the best at putting together computers. sad to think that these pre-elementary school kids are better with computers than i ever will be.

but anyways, i've been tracking him (my new computer is definitely a boy) and he started in china and then over the weekend he was in alaska and now he's in tennessee....that's so close! he should be here by tuesday at the latest and i can't wait. need to think of a name for my new laptop...

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siovhan said...

i'm so jealous of those little asians and their computer knowledge.

kudos on the mac switch. i like them. i always got to use them when i did stuff for BYUB.