Thursday, August 20, 2009

"'s a free country!"

i was thinking about this last night when i was brushing my teeth before bed...that familiar adage from elementary school days, when the class bully was doing something particularly mean and the innocent playground civilians were begging him for mercy.
"nooooo don't take jeffy's favorite pokemon card!"
"'s a free country!"
and it worked, i guess. we do live in a free country. and while i could delve into the argument of freedom not being free, i choose to abstain. but instead...let me just say to you, young intimidator of small children, your choices have consequences. plus, with karma and all that jazz...what goes around comes around.

i wish i would have thought of that like fifteen years ago. seems like it might have made a logical defense against the third grade terror child, but then, maybe not. it's a good lesson for today though...better think twice before swiping jeffy's pikachu card.

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