Monday, August 3, 2009

can you feel the love tonight?

i heard this song on the radio the other night as i was driving home from work. i couldn't help but remember my very first love story. here it is.

it's winter...decenber-ish. as a family, we drive around and look at christmas lights at night while listening to the radio. the window is cold as i rest my forehead against it and think about the blond-haired boy who sits across from me in art class. he is totally dreamy. plus he's an artist and that is so romantic. today he asked me if he could borrow one of my paint brushes. of course, i said yes. and then we sat next to each other on the bus on the way home.
there's a time for everyone if they only learn
that the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn...
...elton john's melody floats through the cool winter air and mixes with the scent of evergreen trees as i think about the hot apple cider we drank earlier. i love apple cider almost as much as i love luke henry...almost. we're driving slowly, but my love-sick eyes see only sparkles of light and color as my mind wanders back and forth between daydream and reality. in my dreams, everything is perfect. because that's how life is when you're seven years old.

and now whenever i hear that song, it's all i can think about.

don't worry...nothing much became of our little love spell. turns out his birthday is the day after mine and for some reason, the thought of dating someone younger than me seriously grated on my nerves. a stupid little thing, that's for sure, but all's fair in love and paint brushes, i guess. it was fun while it lasted.

<3 feel the love <3
EDIT: let's make this post even better.
after writing it, i found our beloved mr. henry on fb. and now we're officially friends. oh yeah.


Courtney said...

haha all is fair in love and paint brushes. can't argue that. spencer and i did see 500 days of summer, and it is one of my new favorite movies

Spencer said...

yes, Courtney and I and everyone else you could ever imagine are in 406 with ED! You're taking it right?