Monday, August 31, 2009


even though everyone thinks i'm crazy, i honestly didn't mind driving to utah by myself. sure, it was two days of being by myself on the open road, but i seriously need that time for making my big transition.

it's go from spending my days at channel ten to coming back to provo for school and the daily news and a brand new newsroom (abc4...starting tomorrow!) -- i just need a minute to wrap my head around it. and actually...those two days were probably not quite enough. but oh well. time to jump back into the swing of things and get going.

i've been juggling classes and add/drop cards all day. for the first time in my byu life, i have added a class that was already full...what a rush. to go to a class that i wasn't technically supposed to attend and to gain admittance to it. and now, i get to take it : ) life is good.

my schedule is getting a lot better. aside from my 7AM spanish class (taught by a romanian guy...) everything should be awesome, and i'm even not dreading spanish too much. the teacher seems really cool and he seriously wants us to enjoy coming to class because...duh. it's wayyy early.

i'm trying to figure out if i'll have time to work in the newsroom, but it's looking like i probably won't. i'm still trying to work through my design for "children of eden" and figure out my internship and find time to make some money in between taking a producing class twice a week and a bazillion other things.

oh. and fun. one of the many bits of advice i got from my summer internship -- have fun during my senior year! it makes sense. plus, if i end up getting a job (somehow) after i graduate, this will be the last time i have to just enjoy my life and my lack of (serious) responsibilities. so i'm determined to live it up and do fun things.

so there.

i'm excited for this year. new newsroom, new challenges, fun classes, old friends and lots of opportunities -- i just gotta decide what i want to do.

i still miss my old newsroom though : (
10TV will always have a special place in my <3

p.s. hi mom!


Anonymous said...

Go Class Crasher! U Crash that Class.... you baddie, u.

Personally i love lonely long distance trips across the country

until u start hallucinating.

that's kinda a turn off.



Courtney said...

Anna! I haven't seen you in the Brimhall yet and it has been TWO days. ABC4! So will you be working with Dan Metcalf? Busy schedule...

Spencer said...

Anna! Come into the newsroom!! And don't be scared. I'll protect you from all the other reporters