Monday, August 17, 2009

the last everything.

it's that time of my life again...when i start to think about doing everything for the last time.

oy. i hate this part.

but with just a few days left til i leave (or eleven...that seems soon) that's how things are starting to go. who do i need to see again before i go? who have i missed all summer that i need to catch up with? what things do i still want to do in ohio before i leave for a really, really long time?

i started making lists. things to buy, people to see, stuff to try not to forget...

this is why i hate thinking about leaving. i'd rather just go and not worry about it. maybe i'm just jaded from a few too many goodbyes (or billions too many...whatev) but i so hate this part.

going back to school will be good though. with any luck, i'll still have some friends back in provo. my sisters will be there and the newsroom and theatre will still be there and the mountains will be there and my awesome house will be there and charfield will be there and things will be good. and soon...i'll be there too.

yet again, the beginning of the end...before another beginning starts.

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