Thursday, March 19, 2009


i met some interesting people this week when i worked on my story. i went up to sandy and met the clients of the ark of little cottonwood, a drug rehab center. they were super-nice and i loved it. they talked to me about how addiction is a disease, just like cancer, and how they are all just trying to figure out how to kick it. it was sad to hear them talk about how their insurance wouldn't cover a month in rehab, but it would cover the hospital billls if they OD-ed and had to spend a month there. it was like, they would only help out after it was too much for preventative medicine. it was an eye-opening experience and i was glad to have worked on the story and met so many amazing people (who just happened to be recovering drug addicts). "people like them" always get a bad rap, so i was glad to get to see another side of things.

in honor of them, here is a list of things i'm addicted to. some habits i'm trying to get rid of, and some of them i'm working on building.

-diet coke with lime
-singing in the car
-justin timberlake
-work / working / being busy
-straightening my hair
-new balance shoes
-the book of mosiah
-buying (way too much) stuff at vs
-very black mascara

i love reporting. i get to do new things every week and learn about whatever i want. once i get over being terrible at it, i could be awesome.

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