Monday, March 30, 2009

top five reasons why i'm more stubborn than you

5. i refuse to dress appropriately for the weather. i use lots of excuses, such as the fact that i'm from ohio or that i don't mind, but really...i have no good reason. i have a coat that is good for playing in the snow, and the next step below that is sweatshirts, with nothing in between. i have no plans to remedy this in the near future unless i absolutely have to (like if i move to alaska or russia or somewhere equally cold).

4. when i ask you a question and you don't answer it the way i wanted you to, i will repeat my question over and over again until you tell me what i want to hear. i don't change my question. i just ask it lots of times. lately this doesn't work on reporters, but i'm working on it. in a few weeks, i plan to have a full-fledged interrogation system that works on everyone.

3. i will wait outside in the pouring rain with my arms outstretched for long amounts of time because you owe me a hug. even when it's wet and cold and you are just trying to prove that you are more stubborn than me (you might be).

2. if i want to do something and no one else does, too bad. i will go by myself and do it anyways.

1. i just am.

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Anonymous said...

u need a spanking.