Wednesday, March 25, 2009

oh, how the tables have turned.

let's be as vague as possible for a minute here.

things are happening. choices are presenting themselves. consequences are questionable, but also guaranteed. results will be both good and bad, either way. the only somewhat-conclusive thought in my mind is that it will either be here or there, and not somewhere in between. there are already too many opportunities on each side to even begin trying to further complicating matters by taking a closer look at any sort of middle ground. and with each side of my decision...things will happen.

when words fail, indistinct familiarities are the only things that seem to sustain my restless mind. come what may, and love it. but...what a choice. after only two and a half weeks (is that really as long as it's been?) there's so much more to worry about and wonder about and consider. plus how everything is the opposite. funny how that happens sometimes.


Bethie Ann said...

my my my.... That was pretty vague.... but was it talking about what I THINK it's talking about... (I'm continuing in the vauge-ness)

Mrs. D said...

just when i thought you (in chandler-esque tone) could not BE more vague, you blow my mind. But thats just the way you are and thats why i love you. and why whoever you marry someday will constantly be a very confused man :) not that thats a bad thing. especially since drew always says i'm completely transparent! :) love you!