Sunday, March 15, 2009


dear ohio,

i'm scared that i may never see you again. time has passed, things have changed, and maybe we've just grown too far apart. at this point, i'm still trying to work it out in my mind. but i will love you forever. of course.

longingly, from anna.

* * * * *

dear homeless guy who asked me to marry him on thursday,

i'm sorry it didn't work out. i know i said i'd be back to slc, but friday got busy and i ended up not going tonight maybe later this week? i'll admit that ring was nice and your friends seemed cool. maybe we'll run into each other around the chamber of commerce building again someday.

lovingly, from anna.

* * * * *

dear scott,

i wish i was at your house instead of being exhausted and tired here. because let's be honest. the ratio of gummy-bears to not-gummy-bears is strongly in favor of you and yours. also, i miss the gummy bear palace.

remorsefully, from anna.

* * * * *

dear dinosaurs,

i never really got to see you. but i wish i did.

sadly, from anna.

* * * * *

dear rj,

i don't know who you are. but i wish i did. also, we should go grocery shopping together.

secretly, from anna.

* * * * *

dear feet,

i'm sorry for walking so much today in those ridiculous high heels. i think we can both look back on that and agree that it was not our best idea ever. next week...we'll go flats.

sorely, from anna.

* * * * *

dear spring break,

it has been a long time. i almost forget what you are like altogether. but i miss you terribly and every night before i go to bed, i wish you would magically reappear in my life and shower me with love and kisses just like you always used to.

exhaustedly, from anna.


scott said...

dear anna,

the gummy bear palace and the person that lives there misses you as well. please come visit soon before the apartment people take the gummy bears and use them to make the lobby smell gummy-bear-ish. maybe i'll bring some to this play i hear so much about... i look forward to seeing it, you.


ps: is your shift / capslock key broken? you might not get a good grade on your papers without capital letters. just a thought.

Mrs. D said...

dear anna,
i heart your funny letters, plus i loved that they made me laugh out loud in front of like a bunch of people. avocados are on sale and scrubs is on tomorrow. i missed you this weekend. hows your show going?


also, dear scott,
us kron girls dont use caps locks or punctuation if we dont feel like it. because we are awesome. so there.


scott said...

dear mrs. d,

i must have underestimated the kron factor of awesomeness when creating my initial note. please accept my most sincere apology. i will never make the same mistake again.

kron > capital letters

humbly, from scott

anna. said...

it's true. i never use caps for blog posts or texts. but i always do really well on punctuation / grammar / etc on papers. i'm just good at adapting.

don't forget to sign off though, mrs. d. that's one of the best parts of the letter. but i'm glad you like my letters. i was going to write one to you but then i ran out. you can be one of the next ones.

obviously, from anna.