Sunday, March 8, 2009


i ran a 5k yesterday.

it was the run for red race and my sister told me about it and then we went yesterday and ran it and it was kind of cool. i haven't run in a real race since high school, for the record, and i've never run in utah (which has, quite possibly, the worst air EVER in the history of the world -- it's thin because of the high altitude and full of yucky pollution) so basically i was pretty nervous. but we ran it together and i didn't even die.

(p.s. there were like 400ish people running...)

i had forgotten how awesome it feels to race against other people. i'm kind of super-competitive so, i loved passing people and getting to run with my big sis and everything. this definitely will not be my last race, but i've sure got a lot of training to do. because, for real. i just do.

i had been debating running the half marathon next month...a full ten miles longer than today's run. and now...hah. i guess we'll see. i've got a busy couple of weeks coming up so i don't know how much running i'm going to get to do. but i love running.

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