Sunday, March 1, 2009

february. in one word or less.

every night last month i picked a word that sort of encapsulated my day, something i learned or something i thought about a lot. i'm going to throw all the little post-it's away since there's tons now and they are sort of taking over the back of my bedroom door...but this is what they were.

family - chill - remember - thankful - prepare - patient - careful - listen - weakness - control - go - stop - best - love - talk - run - watch - nearer - light - sisters - awake - ask - care - sun - think - hope - bounce - decide

in life, brevity is key. it keeps people from slamming the door in your face and allows you to tell a good story before someone changes the channel. so...this was good practice.

1 comment:

Mrs. D said...

I love that idea. I am doing it this month!