Sunday, March 1, 2009

'bye, february.

remember how the year is one-sixth over?

time just happens lately. this is what i have noticed anyways. there's papers to write and work to do and races to run (like next weekend...yay) and people to meet and stories to tell and before you know're old. everything sort of happened and what were you doing?

working all day (literally) and then watching a movie and falling asleep on a saturday night.

i think i'm one of few people who can be content with working all day and getting things done. should i mind that my roommates went to wendover and there's fun things happening in slc and i could have gone out with some other people tonight and i decided to spend the night at home with lex instead? (if you don't know lex...there's a blog post brewing about him...coming up soon). maybe. but for whatever reason, i don't. blame my self-reliant childhood, my troubled teenage years, my hands-off parents, my multiple college lives (there's definitely more than a few), my middle-child genes, or whatever you want -- i just need to be alone sometimes.

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