Thursday, February 26, 2009

just two things.

okay. first of all, i've noticed that lately i've been using lots of questions marks and exclamation points and bolded words. it's like i'm sensationalizing my life. as a journalist, i realize that is unacceptable and i will work harder to make things more real. yeah...that's legit.

* * * * *

an open letter to myself --

for the one cares:
-why you're late
-what you meant to say
-how you really feel
-about the certain boy from a certain class who you finally just talked to and it was awesome
-about a different boy from a different class who totally ignored you and you hate him for it
-what your high school gpa was
-whether or not you had enough sleep last night
-about any of your lame excuses
-whether or not you make it
-what you're secretly thinking about

...just in case you were wondering.

with love from,


Mrs. D said...

actually, i was filling out an application to work in connecticut. and they DID care what my high school GPA was, because I had to call dad and ask him to look up on my grade cards what it was. so much for that. also, mario boy is in love. with a GIRL. go figure.

Anonymous said...

i care about your secret thoughts...


Austin said...

If nobody cares, then you won't have to worry about them reading your blog. If they do, then I think that means you're wrong. Just so you know.