Sunday, February 8, 2009

the road less traveled

when life gets boring, i have to find little things to do to keep myself entertained. lately, i've been trying different things...spontaneously dropping everything that i'm doing in order to do something completely different, driving to all ends of utah multiple times in a week, hanging out with people that i ordinarily wouldn't, putting myself out there without any intention or possibility of getting something in return, overcommiting and following through...whatever.

i think things are more interesting when you do things that you might not otherwise do. and if there's a good time to do something like that, i'd say now is the time. i have no idea where i'll be soon and for now, that's okay. i have great expectations but no explanations for why i'm doing some things right now.

and i've decided that i'm the rule instead of the exception. my life is not a movie. as much as i would love to have a music montage near the end of each of my episodes or wait in the rain for someone to come back and realize they were stupid for ever leaving or dance around while no one's watching or get in big fights and make dumb mistakes all too often...things just aren't that interesting.

...but they've been closer lately.


Mrs. D said...

dont worry. it will get MUCH more interesting once ANTM comes back. much more fighting, backstabbing etc etc and the like. Also, your package was turned into a vo-sot (or however you spell that) but it was good... and I got a kick out of seeing a clip of the end of my hair as i locked myself in your car :) heres to the road less traveled and ending up somewhere random like kansas or oklahoma!

anna. said...

yep it was a vo-sot-sot-vo actually...but you got it close. yay for you making it onto the daily news!