Wednesday, February 18, 2009

after drinking so much diet coke, you can hardly call it that anymore

i love to make lists. LOVE THEM. i think every day i make at least a bunch. lists of things to do, things to get at the store, people to talk to, story ideas, random thoughts, projects to complete, work calls, school assignments, everything. i keep making new lists. i just can't get enough.

i have oh so many things to do this week. if i'm completely honest with myself, there are oh so many things that i should have done already this semester that i am determined to complete before the week is up. and so my lists grow. but somehow, by writing it all down, it seems more bearable. i can tackle projects and then cross them off. i think that is the best part -- crossing things off. this is why i always write my lists on paper, even though i know it would be more efficient to create lists on my computer. i don't want to [[delete]] things when i'm done...i want to be able to see the progress i've made. and i never totally scribble things out so that i can still see what i've completed after it's done.

mm. lists. time to get to work.


Michelle said...

Anna...I have an addiction to Diet Coke! I totally know what you mean.

Austin said...

Anna...I have an addiction to Making Lists! I totally know what you mean.

anna. said...

thanks, michelle.

and austin...i never know when you're just being facetious.

Austin said...

And it's likely you never will.