Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the itch.

on our way home from the jazz game tonight in slc, we stopped at mcdonalds. and there it was...the itch.

let's be real. fast food is what it is. it's terrible for you and although the thought of it seems nice, i always make myself go home, insisting that i have already paid for the things in my refrigerator and why buy more stuff if i have not yet run out? so i don't really eat a lot of fast food.

but when i did tonight, it reminded me of this summer, driving across the country...stopping at fast food restaurants only because i really didn't have any other food to eat. it almost made me nauseous to think about eating it after those few days. but at the same time, that crunchy, greasy, not-quite-worth-the-price-but-maybe-worth-the-convenience food was a reminder of what it is to really not belong anywhere, to not have any idea where you might sleep for the night or when you would see a familiar face again. but not in a scary way. in a good way.

and now i've got it again. i need to go somewhere. and soon.

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