Thursday, February 12, 2009

everything i ever needed to know about reporting...

...i have learned in the first four weeks of doing it. i'm almost totally sure of it. here's a list of everything i have least the top 10.

1. your story never ends the way that it starts
2. your story never looks as good on the big screen as it did when you were shooting it
3. it doesn't matter what your story idea is because your news director will not like it
4. despite your news director not liking your story idea, you will still have to do it. but now your confidence is totally deflated and you're terrified that it will turn out terribly
5. it probably will
6. you never shoot enough b-roll
7. you will never need the extra camera battery unless you don't have it
8. regardless of when you start working on your story (be it the night before the story meeting or an hour after it), the p.i.o. will always be in a meeting all day / out of town for the week / getting her phone replaced / at the legislature / somewhere totally unavailable. which means that you CANNOT INTERVIEW ANYONE ELSE EITHER. but they will get back to you as soon as they can (not.)
9. everyone will tell you fabulous tidbits of information...but it is "off the record" and you can't use it at all
10. no one is mean to your face. in fact, most everyone you meet will be very pleasant and interesting and fun. but that doesn't mean they can help you. and (again) they are almost never allowed to go on record about anything. basically no one is ever authorized to talk to you. and you are never authorized to shoot video of anything. ever

i like reporting. it's fun. but having to deal with pio's lately has been a ridiculous challenge. at least i know it can only get better...right??


Austin said...

It gets better. I promise. If not the circumstances then at least your ability to deal with them.

anna. said...


okay. maybe it is.