Tuesday, February 24, 2009


it is currently about 59 degrees out.

and it's FEBRUARY!!

say all the mean things you want about global warming. i still love it.

in other news, i'm going to be working all day, so the only sunshine i will get is between classes and in my car on my way between different things, but still. it's kind of totally awesome.

so much to say. but so much other work to do. i'm happy to be busy but i've got a bazillion things to do that i just don't have time for. and the semester is half over. and just when i start getting caught up on things, i start to realize how many other things i've been totally neglecting. and omg. what am i going to do over the summer? i'm still debating. ohio? utah? d.c.? somewhere in between? *sigh* there's so much to think about. but for now, i'll keep the windows open and enjoy a little bit of summer while i can.


Mrs. D said...

just do what i do. get out your cookie pants. they make everything all better.


Ask Josh said...

Your blog doesn't feed out. What gives? I can't follow if you don't feed, gurl.

anna. said...

feed? what does that even mean?

p.s. i'm pretty sure it does. i have a few people who get it. maybe you're just making stuff up.