Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...but who's keeping track?

oh wait. i am.


okay. got that out of my system. and to be perfectly honest, is christmas my favorite thing? definitely not. but for whatever reason, it seems like a great thing to look forward to. by the time christmas comes, i'll have made it through this entire whatever is going to happen over the summer...and then all of the next semester and i will be practically done with college. and that's sort of something to look forward to, yeah?

today was good. got a few very important things done and still have a few usable hours in the day. the main bad thing about today? that it's the day before thursday. oh, thursday. how i have come to totally dread you. we used to be so good together and now...let's be real. it's sort of a strained relationship. let's hope tomorrow is at least a little bit okay. i don't want to hate you. so please -- be nice.

okay thanks.

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Mrs. D said...

good luck tomorrow. i am all over that run for red. also... ANTM NEXT WEEK. get excited. we shall have to have a little party. :) and thanks for coming/taking me tonight.

ps is it a coincidence that the word verification for this post is "santie"? I think not!