Thursday, February 19, 2009

an open letter to the amerian automakers

to whom it may concern --

yes, the economy is bad. it's a sad thing, and i wish it wasn't this way. honestly...if i had my way, we'd all be super-bajillionaires and never have to worry about money ever again. unfortunately, things aren't like that. so stop being big babies and crying about how you want more money. we ALL want more money. that doesn't mean it's going to happen. maybe instead of complaining, you should just work harder. like all us regular humans over here.

okay, thanks.

from anna.

p.s. all my friend are getting married. wtf.


Mrs. D said...

P.S.S. Maybe you should focus on something more important that will actually HELP more people than just wealthy automakers and stockbrokers.

Dear Legislature of the U.S. of A.,
Fix it.
Fix it NOW.
Also, give more money to public schools.
-A Concerned Citizen

Austin said...


Specifically, give more money to good teachers.

Anonymous said...

You're so cute Annay when you berate the car makers. It kinda makes me wanna make out with you.

And moment over.

It's a grave and complicated situation. We're on track... for the most part, but still in the rapids. Let's hope we can navigate them.

P.S. ur hot


anna. said...

i don't know. maybe the reason we're in this situation is because we're expecting the government to take care of everything. what happened to personal responsibility and the american dream? now it's just sitting around and waiting for the money bucket to pass our way. is that what our forefather's had in mind?

i do agree that it needs to go towards schools and the arts and things like that. even if all our businesses are failing, at least our future (kids) still needs to be taken care of.