Wednesday, February 11, 2009

going to the store.

today i went shopping. it wasn't anything special. i just went to the store and picked out things that i wanted and put them in my cart so i could pay for them at the register. that seems pretty basic, right?

umm, okay. i think i am the only person there ever was who doesn't push their shopping cart from the back. instead, i walk alongside the front of my cart and hold on to one of the front corners, dragging and steering the cart behind me. it seems logical. the cart follows you. and i am, after all, the boss of my shopping cart. so how come no one else does that?

i think this all started when i was a kid. pretty sure my mom was always the one pushing the cart, and in order to keep me and my sisters from running away, she had us hold on to the cart as we wandered through the store. and now it's a habit i can't knock.

so now i'm the crazy girl at the store dragging my shopping cart behind me instead of pushing it in front of me like a regular shopper. i don't mind. maybe i'm just that awesome.


Anonymous said...

sometimes i feel a little too weirdly connected to you. i was shopping in trader joe's just recently and i was pulling along my cart. i also sometimes do spins with it, when they're little.

i noticed people giving me the look and i resumed the normal cart pushing position... for a while, and then i just found myself pulling it again.

to be fair, i don't pull really big baskets but it's weird.


anna. said...

i love trader joe's. and i think you are fabulous. don't ever stop pulling the cart from the front...i probably couldn't stop if i tried.