Tuesday, February 17, 2009

president's day

today was my last day off for the entire rest of the semester. i had to work, and that was kind of a bummer, but overall i tried to make it relaxing...since i won't be doing much more of that in the not-so-distant future. so here's what i did today:

9 a.m. woke up
10 a.m. went to work
2 p.m. came home. had lunch. watched amelie until i fell asleep
4 p.m. met r. at the gym / went running
5:30 p.m. home to shower, have dinner
6:45 p.m. left house for fhe
9 p.m. came home, worked on homework


and to be honest, as i was lying on my couch curled up in blankets and pillows and thinking about all the nothing i had planned for the day, i almost died...of boredom. i mean, it was nice to just relax for a little bit, but i don't know how people just sit around all day and do nothing. that must be terribly uninteresting. also wicked boring. this, coming from the girl who can't remember the last time she wasn't taking classes full time while also working at least one (if not two or three) part time jobs on top of a semi-busy social calendar and whatever other things.

i could complain about being busy all the time. but really...i thrive on it.

don't get me wrong. come march, when i'll all tired of school and the shows i'm working on at the theatre and angry about how i haven't had a day off in forever, i will complain. but i'd rather it be that than this. overall.


Mrs. D said...

yeah, that was pretty much my day too. other than doing about half of our laundry. I felt so...useless. Sometimes I hate sleeping in/days off because of that. we should work out again this week. I liked having you there. except next time we do muscles are going away :(

anna. said...

i know. there were two boys at the gym from my ward when we went last night and they were like, show us your muscles!!

...and mine are totally wimpy.

Austin said...

What are you going to do with yourself when you're not in school anymore?

You'd probably thrive in a sweatshop.

anna. said...

i have no idea. so...maybe.

but i need to let my mind wander and think of stuff. so it'd have to be a super-fun sweatshop, where i'm allowed to be creative and try new things.

i hear they have some of those in china.