Friday, March 13, 2009

slogging through the week

when i think about the way my week has been, there is only one word that fits the way i have felt.

but then i was thinking...there must be more. so i checked the internet. according to, here are some synonyms for the word SLOG:

- bear down - buckle down - drag - drudge - flounder - grind -
- labor - lumber - plod - plough through - plug - schlepp -
- slave - stomp - sweat - toil - tramp - trudge -

yes. i think those help.

either way, it's about halfway over (ish). i still need to finish my package for the daily news, endure another couple of tech rehearsals for macbeth, and do lots of other things that i can't even think about right now. like write papers. rrr.

on a less positive note, i updated my calendar with all the performances of the show that i need to work at...basically every single night for the entire rest of the month. and then some of next month. so overall i'm pretty stoked to get this show on the road (no pun intended), because by the time it's done:

1. it will be springtime.
2. the semester will be just about over.
3. i should have some vague idea of my summer plans.
4. it will be general conference weekend (yay!).
5. the show will be over and i get to have evenings again (if i am even able to remember what they are by then).

oh well. time to go log some tape.

1 comment:

Mrs. D said...

I love that word. It means skipping classes because you are lazy, or at least that is what the kids here in utah high school say it means.

Also... ANTM? or do you have tech?