Wednesday, December 16, 2009

adventures from slc, or how impossible it is to be healthy at the airport.

i got to the airport a little early today and i was hungry for lunch. so i went on a hunt for something to eat. i wanted a bagel so i started my hunt for something yummy and healthy. starbucks was the first place i walked past, so i thought i'd check.
they didn't have bagels. also the people there were mean. boo starbucks. so i kept walking...found something promising: a place that sold yogurt...a "YOVANA."
too bad their yogurts are like $6 a pop...overall, no thanks. the trip continues. i am still thirsty.
^ aha! perfect.
^ free. healthy. and good for the environment. water...check!
...still hungry though.
^ ever notice how everyone is trying to exert minimal effort at airports? i realize that there's a long way to walk between terminals, but also you get to SIT ON YOUR BUTT AND DO NOTHING FOR LIKE HOURS ON END. i prefer to walk...thanks.
^ another health food store..."the grove."
^ apparently, their idea of "healthy" food is debatable...
but i found something good...the "lover's delight." ONLY $4.99 per half pound (yikes!)
^ dried fruits, nuts and other awesome-ness.
a bit expensive, but sooo good ( :
^ was tempted to get one of these yogurt things, but seriously? $5. i hate the airport monopoly and how they can charge whatever they want and there's nothing you can do about it.
^ sort of wanted california pizza kitchen...but not for $10. also probably not the healthiest thing to eat. still looking for a bagel!
^ burger king was a definite no...
^ ...even if they do have apples.
^ another way to be healthy in the airport? ride a bike!
^ the great american bagel company...FINALLY!
found my bagel place. and my yummy multi-grain bagel with cream cheese. time to find my plane.
^ thing i liked best about the slc airport? that the lights above the walking area are totally out. it's only lit above the moving walkways. coincidence??


Rachael said...

I loved your picture from the Detroit Metro airport. It made me miss Michigan like crazy though. San Diego will be fun for Christmas, but I really wish I could be back in the midwest. Let's get together when you get back and start working in Salt Lake.

Mrs. D said...

what an adventure!!! i just love bagels. and bikes in the airport. how did you get your pics to have black borders? i miss yuou

skroner said...

hahahahah i loved this.
i wish i could bike in the airport.
slash i just love traveling in general slash i had the SAME problems trying to find something healthy to eat.

i resorted to trailmix ($4) bought in a magazine store with nuts, seeds, raisins + chocolate. + my hbll complimentary water bottle from being a freshman.

yay for trying to be healthy (:

+ i hope i can drink some of that skim milk in the fridge tomorrow morning..

Anonymous said...

now ur into pictorial journalism?


anna. said...

rachael -- yes! i'll be back in january and at your house shortly after that.

ruth -- i'm not sure...when they got uploaded they just came like that. miss you back.

sarah -- f'realz. $5 for trailmix. boo. and skim milk at the kron house ftw ( :

"anonymous" -- yes. love it ( : less so now, since my camera is broken, but i've started using the phone on my camera more. not as high-res, but for blogging, not bad.