Sunday, December 13, 2009


i like when the weather outside is a direct reflection of me.

through most of last night and all day today: it's been slush.

it snowed on friday night, but ever since then, it hasn't really been cold enough to make more snow. but there's precipitation falling from the sky and it's making everything (especially in my neighborhood) into one giant puddle.

it's not pretty. it's not gentle. and it's not even very nice to look at. but it is what it is -- a halfway attempt at the sky trying to make (more) snow happen in utah during my last few days here.

and lately, that's kind of me. i have two finals to take this week (for spanish and pogp) and then some work to do on my new play (it's called, "they shoot horses, don't they." and it's fabulous). plus finishing my portfolio from "children of eden" (my giant lighting design from this semester) and writing a 20-page paper (OMG) and finalizing things for my internship next semester. and i am working on all of these things but everything feels like slush.

i keep telling myself that in a few short days, i will be back in ohio and i can go to work at my old station and everything will be awesome all over again. just gotta get through the next few days of craziness and get out there.

oh. and i made pancakes today. YUM. they were so good.

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