Wednesday, December 2, 2009


it all started this weekend when emily and i decided to branch out and try new food. we bought this healthy cookbook and it has meals for every day. yesterday was not bad at all -- a turkey wrap with yummy things inside (lunch) and moroccan chicken with wild rice (dinner).

today: a salad with artichokes, tomatoes, olives, fennel (look it exists), garlic, red onions and some crazy vinaigrette.

...and no lettuce. of THOSE "salads."

but it's okay. it's making me drink more water and that's always a good thing. and even though i'm making a big deal about it, it's not so bad. fennel tastes kind of like black licorice so that's the main flavor of the "salad" and plus we're getting to try some new foods that we've never heard of before.

so buckle's time for an adventure with food.


Mrs. D said...

interesting. jillian micheals diet?? brave girl. and i did have the bra in the photo.,.. its in the VS box!!!

skroner said...


but not HALF as yummy as pumpkin chocolate chip muffinssssss <3

i seriously cannot wait.

you should treat yourself to a few before you hand them over though (;

anna. said...

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins aren't exactly on our list of foods to eat lately ) : but that means more for you and your friends.

it's like i have diabetes or something. tonight: swordfish!! and eggplant!!

Courtney said...

dear anna,

remember when i saw you in the newsroom just the other day? that was fun...

anna. said...


yes. it was cool. i miss you plus ed's class : /