Monday, December 7, 2009

snow day.

remember when snow days used to happen?

...not so much in the college.

but luckily, having to go to school made me grateful for some things today. here they are.

1. the byu swim team. i have a class at seven a.m. and it's terrible waking up that early to go to a class every single day. depending on where i park, sometimes i will walk through the rb and see the swim team, already doing their laps and working hard. i love that they are always there before i even have to be at my super-early class. they give me hope on days like today when it is snowy and i haven't slept much and i just want to go back to bed.

2. the byu grounds crew. sometimes it looks like they are trying to shovel snow, but mostly they just hang out and don't do much. but it's the thought that counts, right?

3. snow plows in general. i think i saw two today...tops.
dear city of provo.
did you think winter wasn't coming this year and you could let all your workers quit to work at in-n-out instead? bad move. now all our roads are yucky and full of snow. okay thanks.
with love from anna.

4. the byu daily news. duh. i work there so it's awesome. our show today was a little rocky, but it was still pretty great. i will miss mondays here (except for how i will be here mondays next semester too, but for reporting instead). mostly i'll miss the fun people who i won't see so much anymore or who are graduating (sad day). but that's a part of all of this, i guess.

5. having people i work with who i also enjoy hanging out with outside of the newsroom.

6. my testimony. i know my pogp class isn't the best ever, and i probably won't get the best grade ever because of it. but i know its true and i'm not crazy and angry at god like so many of the people in our class (which is kind of really depressing, but that's a whole different story).

7. minimal levels of self-control. em and i are trying to eat healthier and i was offered so much candy / junk food / etc today during classes and otherwise and turned it all down. the things we do...

8. nice boys who help clean all the snow off your car ( :

9. coming home from school and having my fav roommate come home (she was gone all weekend). emily made us a yummy dinner and helped me clean our house and put up christmas things tonight. and by, "put up christmas things," i mean that we left a ton of it up from last year (slightly embarrassing, but way more time-efficient) and put the rest of it up today and it looks sweet.

10. the "christmas season," which reminds everyone of what they were supposed to have been doing all year long anyways -- being nice to other people.

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