Monday, December 21, 2009


i'm in ohio and i love it. i get to be at my news station every day and work with awesome people and do stories about salvation army guys playing the harmonica and people giving away houses and finding bodies in the bottom of frozen ponds. what's not to love about getting a job like this someday?

over the weekend i was watching one of my station's newscasts while i made dinner. that's the great thing about the news on tv: you don't really have to watch it and you can still just listen and take peeks every once in a while and know what's going on. it's funny, because as i listen, i can tell who worked on a particular story, even though i haven't seen any of them for about four months. i can tell just by listening to their voice and the way they write.

it's funny how that works. you get to be familiar with some people, whether it's in real life or through being a super-fan and watching all their movies (yes, robert downey jr, i am talking about you) and even if a long time has passed since you've seen / heard from / talked to them, you can still recognize it. there's something so comforting about that voice you're used to hearing. this is especially the case when it comes to names...someone saying, "anna," means something totally different if i hear it coming from my brother, or one of my very close friends, or a total stranger. it has it's own connotations and innuendos (innuendo (n): an indirect or subtle implication) that wouldn't mean the same any other way.

so...what's in a name?

i guess it just depends on who's saying it.


Natalie said...

omg are you so stoked for Sherlock Holmes!!!

skroner said...

this is perfect haha.
agree completely.
i'm secretly jealous of the way your mind works.

anna. said...

omg natalie. SO MUCH.

and sarah, you totally could think like me. we have the same genes. be's in our blood.