Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"best" buy.

i went to best buy today. i've been there a few times so far over christmas break and can safely say i have bought at least 80% of my gifts there. it's a great place. and today...i found some things that knocked my socks off. let me show you. first of all...
^ they sell fridges at best buy? who knew?!
^ i love seeing things that are upwards of $80 in the impulse-buy aisle as you're getting ready to pay. like, oh yeah, maybe i needed that automated wine chiller but i just forgot. THANK GOODNESS ITS IN THE IMPULSE BUY SECTION. ka-ching.
^ speaking of ka-ching...since when is a bag of pretzels $3?
^ i saw a guy in line in front of me with everything i could have ever hoped for at christmas time. the wii fit plus. a jillian michaels workout dvd (omg love her). some wii fit accessories. and 24 AA BATTERIES YESSSSS. exactly what i wanted! (please tell santa) too bad i need a wii first. are those expensive?
^ ahaha. also saw the hsm 3-disc collectors edition. love it.
^ and lady gaga's new cd for just ten bucks. o. m. g.

well, i'm just about done christmas shopping and it feels good. time to give away all this stuff and hope everyone likes it. and if's back to best buy for me ( :


Jon said...

Wii: $199.00

Wii Fit Plus: $99.00

Assorted games and workout DVD's: $5-35

Seeing the look on your wife's face when all she get's for Christmas are things that remind her she needs to get in shape: Priceless

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone caught the consumerism bug.

Though I hear Wii's are cool.

anna. said...

haha jon. that is hilarious!!!