Thursday, December 10, 2009


"an awkward pause, then what's my line?
there's nothing left to say this time
and what would you say to a bad guy who's not there?"

i have so much music. i love when i re-discover something, like this song -- "sell, sell, sell." ever since getting my new computer, i've been chipping away at the 21.6 days (insane, right?!) of music and listening to everything for the first time all over again. maybe i'm a total nerd, but i think it's fun. whenever i think i want to buy a new cd, i think about all the days worth of music i haven't re-un-earthed yet since august (when i bought my computer).

i'm still working on a name for my computer. my car's name is lex (like lex luthor). i'm still trying to think of a super-villian that i really like that i can name my computer after, but i'm coming up blank.

i named my car, "lex," to remind me that bad guys aren't always bad. i think this goes the same for people in general. are there mean people in the world? sure. but i don't think anyone's really trying to be awful. even evil dictators and crazy terrorists truly think they are doing what is right for themselves and for the world. in their heart of hearts, they are just trying to get by. no one wants to be the bad guy. least that is what i like to think.

My super-villian results:
You are Mystique

Sometimes motherly, sometimes a beautiful companion, but most of the time a deceiving vixen.

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Anonymous said...

Magneto 53%
The Joker 53%



Mrs. D said...

haha that reminds me of a family guy where peter has a tab he owes to that jewish pharmacy owner (mort?), and so he sells Meg in exchange for said tab, where Meg signs a contract saying she will be his son's girlfriend ie slave unless he cheats on her, so Lois and Peter come up with this elaborate plan where they tell the jewish son hes invited to a xmen convention and he arrives to a hotel room with Lois dressed as mystique and she tries to jump on him and seduce him... hopefully youve seen it. if not you should look it up. TBS. very funny.