Saturday, December 26, 2009

but seriously.

what are you supposed to do now that christmas is over?

i mean, this is something that we plan for and count down to practically all year. christmas candy starts to hit the shelves sometime after halloween and the music is all over the airwaves by thanksgiving. we are bombarded by the ringing of salvation army volunteers' bells every time we go grocery shopping in december and you can't go to the mall without seeing long lines of screaming children waiting to tell santa about how great they've been all year. and then there's all the hype and excitement directly leading up to it...the last minute christmas wish lists, the 12 days of christmas, the holiday vacation time and christmas specials on the hallmark channel that run 24/7 throughout the entire month.

then christmas happens.

and then it's over. no letting yourself down slowly and's just gone. after all of the anticipation and excitement, you are left with the little bits of wrapping paper that you forgot to throw away and some leftover apricot-glazed ham (YUM, by the way, if you've never had it) and not much else.

it's all so abrupt. jarring, too. but it is what it is.

christmas was good this year. here's to an awesome next year too.


Natalie Marie said...

my decided cure-all is to throw myself into a show :S Now I'm wondering if I'm going to survive this semester

Mrs. D said...

you countdown till new years. thats what you do after christmas.

Rachael said...

My cure is to sleep, as much as possible. However, coming to California this year has led to NO sleep. His family does not allow anyone to rest. Ever. Next year will be wonderful, cause one of my goals is hanging out with you and Emily more often.