Wednesday, October 8, 2008

adventures in reading

so today we had our first live lab for "performance in broadcast" class. i figured it wouldn't be too hard because, seriously. all anchors do is read, right?

how very wrong i was.

anchors do more than read. they ALSO have to know what cameras to look into. and there's four to choose from. surely, this would be an easy task when you have a floor director who is telling you where to look, but all we had was other class members, not all of which really knew how to relay messages like that. oh well. it was fun / exciting / new / i'll be doing it every week so i'll have to get used to it. i'm not incredibly comfortable with the idea of being on camera, but it sure beats being on a stage with a live audience critiquing your every move. although others may be judging, the camera doesn't chastize you. yay for that.

also i had to sit on a phone book while i was anchoring. i'm just too short. whatever. it was fun anyways. the end.

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