Tuesday, October 7, 2008

truth hurts.

alright. so let's be honest.

this blog was bred from contempt.

and jealousy. and hatred. and a lot of other mean-spirited emotions. and that's the truth. here's why: i work for the daily news. i love working there (duh) and it's fun because, as the floor director, i'm sort of halfway between the anchors and news director / producer / etc. the anchors are fun and the people in the control room make for interesting conversation so i get to do a lot of listening, which i really like. you can learn a lot from listening. i get to hear a lot and i'm not really required to say anything, pressure, right? it's cool.

so yesterday the anchors were talking about how they have blogs and how totally awesome they are. did they ask me if i had one? no. but i sort of imagined how it would have gone if they had:

"oh, hey, anna, do you have a blog?"


"oh, hey, where is it so we could read it and see how cool it is?"

[[embarrassed staring at the floor]] "umm..." [[totally mortified]] "i'm not telling."

because honestly. you can't just let people read your diary. that would be terrible. and scary. especially since these people are exponentially cooler than i am. so i'm glad they didn't ask. but then i thought that someday (?) if i ever become cool enough for them to talk to me, i should have a readable blog. so here i am. and i like it so far. obviously no one is reading this now, but someday, maybe someday, someone will. and they will be like, wow. anna is like that. and i will be like, of course.

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