Saturday, October 25, 2008

life's little orchestrations

there's something indescribable about being a part of something big. because by yourself, you're not much. but when you get together with a bunch of other people and actually come up with something, it's huge.

eons ago, i used to be in an orchestra-type-band-deal-thing. you know, high school. you played instruments and everyone had different parts but somehow (magically) if you followed the conductor, it turned out like awesome. and the past few days as i've worked on the opera, watching the orchestra has reminded me of that.

the thing about band was that i didn't do it because i was great at it (although i was) or because i really liked it (although i didn't mind it). i did it because that is where a lot of my people were. that's where i had interactions and relationships and connections and friendships. without any of that, it wouldn't have been the same. also i would have quit.

i think that's why i thrive when i work on things like theatre and the news. because alone, maybe there will only be lights or only a news script or only not quite enough. but when a lot of people do things that they are good at and work together, it becomes something big. and i love it. because being with people means something. it means you're not alone.

obviously, music is not something i do too much with now. i stopped after high school and have undoubtedly lost any skill i had with instruments or intonation or rhythm. but it's something that i will always appreciate. and i'll probably always feel at least a little bit nostalgic when i hear life's little orchestrations. and that's all i have to say about that.

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