Tuesday, October 7, 2008

anna is like that.

i guess i am starting a blog. i mean, i already have one, but here is one that can be read by other humans. the first one is more like a diary, and this one will be more like...a notebook. red. with spirals. and not so secret.

if you should happen upon my online "diary," all the more power to you. you know embarrassing details from my life and you can savor their sweet sweet flavor. but for the rest, this will be all you know.

i will try to not disappoint.

really this is here more for me than anything else. i need to write. without requirements, stipulations or grammar. and why not put it somewhere that people can see? because what are words anyways if there is no one to read them? i will give the opportunity at least.

i am like that.

since this is the first entry, i will unlock the secret of my blog: "like that."

it's from maroon 5's song, "sunday morning." it's part of it. a small part. but my favorite part. the best two words of my favorite song. somehow, perfectly describing everything that encompasses the details of my life. like magic. if you haven't heard this song, you are missing out.

find out what you are missing.

cool. so here is me. listen up.

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