Saturday, October 11, 2008

last night

"dial m for murder" is over tonight. yay. here's a list of things that i don't remember anymore because of this show:

*what a free evening is when i'm not required to be at the theatre
*what it feels like to go to class prepared and having done the homework
*what more than five consecutive hours of sleep is like
*what a social life is
*what not having a fatty headache is
*what a meal that is not cereal tastes like
*what it's like to watch a regularly scheduled program live (when it airs)
*any semblance of sanity that i pretended to have before

well, i'll miss the show. a little bit. lucky for me, "houseboat honeymoon" is starting wicked soon. plus, i'll be working on the opera this week and striking "dial m" and helping with "dancing at lughnasa" so it's not like i'll be bored. as if i thought i'd ever get a break.

overall i'm stressin', just in general. sometimes the most indifferent things in life can be the hardest.

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