Tuesday, October 28, 2008

election day(-ish)

tonight i filled out my absentee ballot and i'll be shipping it out tomorrow. i'm from ohio so my vote counts (yay). who did i vote for? ha. not telling.

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^do it. darfur matters.

i worked for a "national political strategy, campaign management, and public relations consulting firm" over the summer while i was in ohio and it was eye-opening, to say the least. politics are like theatre: everyone plays their part and tries to be the best. big promises, high stakes, there's a lot to gain or be lost over people's uninformed opinions.

i had been following most of the races for ohio at least a little closely and was familiar with most of the people that i selected and issues that i voted for or against. however, there were some that i hadn't heard of -- and i'm sure that's the case with many voters. they pick whoever has a cooler name or who is running for their particular party and that is the end of it. although absentee voting is seen as being better in the eyes of the political candidates (since the people who went out of their way to request to vote have an obvious desire to make their voice heard, as opposed to those who somehow end up in a local elementary school gymnasium on the first tuesday in november), i wonder if there are statistics about just what percentage of americans are actually aware of what they are doing when they select their candidates.

well, if people are just picking candidates haphazardly, then maybe we will get what we deserve. random leaders with cool names? a total overhaul of everyone who was already in office? who knows.

now i get to sit back and watch the fireworks fly for the next week.

...and wonder what the future of the united states holds when "these guys" are the best our nation has to offer as far as vitally important leadership positions are concerned.

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