Tuesday, October 21, 2008

try again

i've never been much of a fan of second chances. not that i'm one to hold a grudge (too much effort) or stay angry for long about anything (waste of energy). it's just...that's life. you only live once. you get a chance. and if you blow it, you don't get to stop, rewind and start again. obviously because of the balance of justice / mercy / etc. there are exceptions to this. but overall, you get one shot. and you have to try not to eff it up.

i don't like revising papers. i don't like rewriting / rereading / redoing / really. i like to think that i can do a semi-decent job at things the first time around and let that stand for itself. and of course i've been forced to re-everything because of classes or what have you and it always helps. but i still don't like it. that's just me.

so now. decisions. options. choices. plans? failures? chances?

only one way to find out.

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