Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Big Deal

sometimes life can be downright exasperating. i haven't really said a lot about it because it's getting to the point where when awful things DON'T happen, i'm slightly surprised. i heard about something this weekend that all but crushed my stupid little girl-heart and then i found out i didn't get into the broadcast major (which i knew was going to happen -- i already have another major and am capable of graduating in april after a solid four years of college, a feat that many people can't say they were able to do) and i've been stressing hard-core about my final lighting design for "houseboat honeymoon" (which was due monday) and i have been too busy to sleep or have friends or do anything i want or need to do and a random slew of other terrible things that have really been getting me down lately. but you know what?

No Big Deal.

who even cares? i finished my design and it's (hopefully) going to be okay / stellar. i still will graduate with a minor in communications and i emailed the people at asu admissions to see about grad school (they responded within the hour -- that's a good sign, right?) and i still get to floor direct with my fabulous anchors who make an otherwise-totally-peon-job seem like awesome. i'm not dead. i'm still waking up and breathing and i have all my arms and legs and am somehow making it through life at college in this god-forsaken town (just kidding) and things will be okay.

maybe not now. but no one ever said this "life" thing was supposed to be easy.

i've got to stop letting dumb things get to me so bad. i'm practically ready to go out into the real world and for whatever reason, i still worry about stupid people and things that shouldn't matter. time to re-evaluate. set goals? (do people do that?) and finally...just be happy. it could be worse, right?

hah. ironically, that's exactly what i said last week before everything went straight to the crapper. *exasperation*

oh well. time for a comeback.

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