Sunday, October 12, 2008

mixed emotions / cowboy bebop

last sunday i met some people named mike (well, only just two) and then hung out with my friend matt. he introduced me to a tv show called cowboy bebop. he has the series and we started watching it. it takes place in the future and there are these "cowboy" bounty hunters and they travel around the universe (yay space travel) and find bad people and capture them. i was surprised to really like it. we only watched the first few episodes but it got me thinking. there were almost always new villains for each episode and then you didn't hear much about them ever again. and obviously, they were not the point of the show, just a way and means in giving the main characters something to do. but then i was wondering: what happens to those people?

it's sad, but even for me, there's lots of people like that. from the guy i met at the a-cafe this summer who wanted a serious relationship after ten minutes to the members of the improv troupe who were in my modern class that i dropped...there are always people who don't quite make the "main character" cut in my life. many will never even be reoccuring characters but are just here and gone, making their cameo appearance briefly before moving on to whatever else is next. there's always the surprise re-emergences of people you never thought you'd see again and the people who you wish to see but only continue to exist in the flashbacks. and even if you think that someone had come-back status, some performances only prove to be lackluster versions of what they should have been. would it have been better if they never returned at all? who knows.

but, regardless, life goes on. with or without you.


Micaela said...

i really like this. its so true. i've never thought of it this way, but i love the comparison you made.

you're amazing.

ps. i'm creepily reading your whole blog starting at the beginning.


anna. said...

haha. i was quite the philosopher during my college years. you are funny. hope you dont think all my old blogs are stupid ( :