Saturday, October 18, 2008

finally: sleep

so last night i had a sleepover party with my roommate. we watched episodes of the oc until the wee hours of the morning and slept til noon on our awesome couch and now my back is totally tangled. effing hurts. just wanted to complain about it.

in one of my classes this semester (i don't really remember which one, but there's notes for it in my notebook), we learned about how people learn. as humans, we make spiderwebs of meaning and create our "world" where things are connected to other things and through these relations and associations, we learn to understand what we believe to be reality. sometimes things get tangled and it's hard to see what is real and what is something we have constructed to be real.

i think that's deeper than i wanted to go. my back is tangled and it hurts. also i love the oc. that's all.

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