Friday, October 17, 2008

so, i think my classes were cancelled today...

...but i'm not entirely sure. i have two classes on thursdays: my performance in broadcast class and this "honors" english class (which i hate). a long long time ago my broadcast teacher was like, yeah we were going to have a speaker in class on [today] but they can't come so we won't have class. and i skipped my english class on tuesday but today we were supposed to meet with our museum groups instead of having actual class or something and i emailed this girl in my class and she said we weren't really meeting at all. so...i didn't go to either of my classes today. also i slept for most of the day.

i would say that i've had bad sleeping habits lately, but the word "habit" would make it sound as if there was some sort of pattern and that is not the case. let's count the hours of sleep i've had the last few nights:

sunday night: one.5 hours
monday night: no hours : /
tuesday night: three hours
wednesday night: ELEVEN hours

and let's be honest. the only reason i got so much sleep is because my body shut off and refused to do anything more but be half-dead under the covers of my too-comfortable bed. so if i had class today, i would have missed them anyways. oh well. i'm trying to get back on track with sleeping / eating / etc on a regular basis. so far, not so good. but No Big Deal, right? hah.

and in case i sound elitist for dissing on my english class, it's really just hard to believe that students are of "honors" caliber when some of them think the biggest societal problems are not the economic crisis or global warming or genocide in africa or the upcoming elections or the war on terror. no, no. not so. when the professor asked what the biggest problem we face is, one brave girl responded, "well...people talk on their cell phones a lot when they're driving. and...they text too. that's bad."

i rest my case.

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